What is ART-DECOR® Open Tools?

ART-DECOR® Open Tools has been established as a company with limited liability (German GmbH). The company handles commercial aspects of the ART-DECOR® tool suite development and thus complements the ART-DECOR® Expert Group that drives the development.

For more details, please visit the website of ART-DECOR®open in new window.

Support Plans

ART-DECOR® Open Tools offers and handles support plans for both, ART-DECOR® hosted servers and for foreign hosted servers. For information, please visit the website of ART-DECOR® Open Toolsopen in new window.

Project hosting

We offer free project hosting on ART-DECOR (without support). Feel free to Contact us if you are interested. If you are interested in running and hosting your own ART-DECOR® servers with support, contact ART-DECOR® Open Tools.

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