The Landing Page

If you start ART-DECOR® the first you see is the Landing Page. The page offers you to choose a project to inspect or work with.


Section 1

Detail Area and Top Strip

The Detail Area is the right large part of the screen 2. It provides a top strip with the name of the currently selected project (if any). If the selected project supports multiple languagesthere is a project language switch available with flags to switch the language of the content (see also how to deal with Multiple Languages).

In addition there is a login button and a switch to change the User Interface Language.

Project Choice

Section 3

Choose a project and start your endeavors.

Once a project is chosen you are forwarded automagically to the Project Panel.

Software Summary

Section 4


Section 5

Please provide feedback if you like through the provided link.

Server Summary

Section 6 summarizes some server properties informing about

  • Cache freshness
  • Overall statistics of artefacts
  • Configuration

Cache freshness

The server cache for ART-DECOR artefacts is typically refreshed on a regular base. The "freshness" of the data in the cache is indicated as follows:

  • if cache data is up to 1440 minutes old (up to 24h) it is labeled as dynamic' (fresh)
  • if cache data is between 1440 and 2880 minutes old (up to 2 days) it is labeled as static
  • if more than 2880 minutes / 2 days it is labeled as withered

To refresh the cache manually see Refresh cache.

Overall statistics of artefacts


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