Special Features

This page describes some special feature for ART-DECOR Release 2.

CodeSystem Add and Edit


There is no Codesystem Editor in ART-DECOR Release 2 (there is one in ART-DECOR Release 3). But despite of a missing Editor in ART-DECOR 2, you can easily use a (nerdy) workaround by facilitating Temple, the XML-aware multipurpose editor for technical experts.

If you go to the CodeSystem Tab in ART-DECOR 2, you get a list of already referenced or created CodeSystems.

Example: in the demo1 Project, there is a CodeSystem called Measured by.


Once a CodeSystem is selected its contents is shown on the right side.

Editing existing non-final CodeSystems

A non-final CodeSystem can be edited by using the Temple XML-aware multipurpose editor.


If you want to edit a final CodeSystem, you are asked whether you want to create a new version (or an adaptation) or open it in read-only mode.


When opening Temple the CodeSystem is shown in its XML representation.


Make you changes and hit the SAVE button to save it to the Project. You can also VALIDATE the content to check before SAVE. Any save action also does validation before storing the artefact.

Creating new CodeSystems

From Temple build 2.3.6 on, a new Button New codeSystem is introduced in Temple's interface. New CodeSystems can be created by just calling the Temple Editor with this URL, as an example here for Project demo5-


There is a Start Temple button planned to appear in ART-DECOR 2.

Once opened a new Code System in Temple, Copy&Paste the content below into the Temple Editor and press SAVE to create a New CodeSystem. You can change the content first but be sure that the id ends up with .new to instruct ART-DECOR to assign a new id from the Project to the new CodeSystem.

<terminology xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance">
  <!-- Create an @id derived from a baseId to create a new codeSystem -->
    <codeSystem id="2.16.840.1.113883.3.1937." name="Test1" displayName="Test 1"
      effectiveDate="2022-02-18T00:00:00" statusCode="draft">
      <desc language="de-DE">This is a Test Codesystem</desc>
        <codedConcept code="A" level="0" type="L" statusCode="active">
          <designation displayName="A-Code" language="en-US" type="preferred"/>

A Coded Concept is the main part of a Codesystem in ART-DECOR. A Coded Concept has

  • the code itself
  • a statusCode, typically set to "active"
  • a level indication
  • a type indication, can be set to "L" leaf, "S" specializable, "A" abstract and "D" deprecated. "D" deprecated shall always be in concordance with statusCode
  • a set of sub-elements designation with a displayName, language indicator and type ("preferred" or "synonym").
<codedConcept code="A" level="0" type="L" statusCode="active">
  <designation displayName="A-Code" language="en-US" type="preferred"/>
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