Updating an ART-DECOR® Release

ART-DECOR published new releases every once in a while, see our ART_DECOR® Releases page. Here are the instructions to update from an existing installation to a new release. The update always contains two steps:

  • the backend update and
  • the frontend update.

Updating the backend

Initial Backup of the full installation

First make a backup of the full installation.

Stop the service

systemctl stop eXist-db.service

...and then backup the new full installation with the ART-DECOR packages installed

cd /opt/art-decor-linux/tooling/backups
tar zcvf exist_with_artdecor_${VERSIONSHORT}_$(date '+%Y%m%d%H%M').tgz /usr/local/exist_atp_*

Start the system again and check whether it is running properly

systemctl start eXist-db.service
systemctl status eXist-db.service

eXist and ART-DECOR Package Updates

For the installation use the eXist Package Manager as described here.

Update the eXist packages first. For this action, make sure that the default repository, specified by default in the file /db/apps/packageservice/configuration.xml is

  • http://exist-db.org/exist/apps/public-repo

...thus in the config file

<repository active="true" default="true">http://exist-db.org/exist/apps/public-repo</repository>

The next step is to update the ART-DECOR backend. Change the repository in file /db/apps/packageservice/configuration.xml to any of the above mentioned paths, depending on stable or development.

ART-DECOR Release 3
backend branch
URL to use

Change the repository element to what you desire, e.g. for the stable branch use

<repository active="true" default="true">https://repository.art-decor.org/stable3</repository>

...and comment out the eXist repository, so that there is only one active repository.


Please deinstall the ART-DECOR API before you install the recent version. This step is important as the scheduled tasks would prevent the install process to be finalized.


If you install the new release on Terminology Package please put that update at the end. The index definition for data packages has been updated from Terminology Package v2.1.22 on. Installation includes re-index and can take a significant amount of time (even hours) depending on how many packages you have installed and the hardware you are running on.


In the package manager all packages ready for an update are shown. Update them step by step, taking the warnings mentioned above into account.

Final Backup of the full installation

Optionally you can backup the full installation again, as described above.

Updating the frontend

If you followed our advice to place ART-DECOR related stuff in /opt go to the directory

cd /opt/art-decor-vue

... otherwise to the one you've chosen during the fron end installation process.

Get the ART-DECOR VUE Frontend from the repo and install it.

If you install it on a local machine (laptop etc.) use


On servers run the script as shown here

./vue_pull.sh --local

The second step is to update the ART-DECOR HTTP Proxy from the repo.


This action also starts the ART-DECOR HTTP Proxy at port 3000.

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Contributors: dr Kai U. Heitmann