FHIR Server

FHIR Version support / Pre-requisites

As of now, ART-DECOR® support FHIR server endpoints for the following versions:

3.0 (STU 3), with the endpoint


4.0 (R4), with the endpoint


The support is provided by separate Packages that need to be installed. Please refer to the FHIR server installation instructions to learn to to set up ART-DECOR a FHIR server.


URI Patterns

All calls to ART-DECOR's FHIR features are to be made through FHIR version-aware endpoints.


All URIs are using the following construct.

FHIR System URIs are everywhere. They provide business identifiers to conformance resources like StructureDefinition, ValueSet, CodeSystem and Questionnaire. They also serve to link between these resources e.g. when supplying a value set for use in a StructureDefinition.

For objects with a @canonicalUri defined, this is assumed to be correct. For objects without a @canonicalUri, it is generated from the @id of the artefact. When the id has a uri defined in the old registry, this prevails. When it is not, the generator would come up with urn:oid:[@id].



yields URI [fhirCanonicalBase]/[type]/[id]--[effectiveDate], e.g.


Pattern Overview


Base URI


Version Identifier

FHIR Version, one of the following

FHIR VersionIdentifer to use in URI
DSTU 21.0
STU 33.0
R 44.0
R 4B4.3
R 55.0


The following channels are supported

DescriptionChannel Identifier
Trying to find the requested resource anywhere on the serverpublic
Project prefix limits scope to the requested DECOR projectproject prefix, e.g. demo1-
Project prefix + release version limits scope to the requested DECOR project releaseproject prefix + release version as digits,
e.g. demo1-20151105100336
OID Registry name limits scope to the requested OID RegistryOID Registry name, e.g. hl7org


The [resource] you would like to retrieve, e.g.

  • Bundle
  • CapabilityStatement
  • ConceptMap
  • NamingSystem
  • Questionnaire
  • QuestionnaireResponse
  • StructureDefinition
  • ValueSet
  • CodeSystem


The id for the resource you would like to retrieve. For NamingSystem, just use the OID. For other DECOR objects, use the id--effectiveDate where you strip non-digits from the effectiveDate


Dataset or Transaction

Get the logical model for the object from any live DECOR project that has it. Any Dataset or Transaction will work, in this case the demo1- dataset.



Get the Template with id xxxxx and version yyyyy from the live DECOR demo5- project.


Value Set

Get Value Set with id 2.16.840.1.113883.3.1937. and version 2011-07-25T15:22:56 from the live DECOR demo1- project.


Get Value Set with id 2.16.840.1.113883.3.1937. and version 2011-07-25T15:22:56 from the DECOR demo1- project release 2015-11-05T10:03:36.



Get FHIR Questionnaire derived from Transaction id 2.16.840.1.113883.3.1937. and version 2022-02-16T00:00:00 from the live DECOR demo10- project.


Naming System

Get the naming system for SNOMED CT from the HL7 OID Registry.

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Contributors: dr Kai U. Heitmann, Maarten Ligtvoet, Anne-Marie van den Boogaard